Managing the Weight of Expectations with Self-Deploying Bridge System

Managing the Weight of Expectations with Self-Deploying Bridge System

Transporting a 225,000-pound transformer over a bridge with a 30-ton weight limit would typically require the support of multiple assist cranes.

With time and space constraints, a Louisiana-based heavy haul company teamed with Deep South to come up with alternative transport possibilities to manage the weight-limited bridge.

The challenge was to move the heavy transformer, with dimensions of 18’ 2” high, 11’ wide, and 130’ long and a loaded weight of 397,000 pounds, several miles on local roads.

Deep South recommended its self-deploying bridge system to build a bridge over a bridge, thus providing the necessary strength to handle the transport system weight.

These temporary, high strength bridge systems, available in 100’ and 80’ sizes, can be deployed without the need for assist cranes.

In the case of the transformer, crews first set road plates on either side of the bridge. Then, 100’-long bridge ramps with the jacking system installed were loaded onto a trailer and moved into position over the existing bridge. The jacks were then deployed to lift the bridge ramp above the trailer.

Once the trailer was out from under the bridge, it was lowered to the road plates. Then the second bridge ramp was moved into position. Bridge jumpers helped save time, lower cost and simplify the transport.

Bridge Jacking System for Heavy Haul Project
Bridge Jack Up System

Many Lifts, One Solution: Module Lift System Flexes Hydraulic Muscles During Process Plant Overhaul

Deep South crews were challenged to haul, lift, and set 84 modules, including three towers (one measuring 100’ long, 350,000 lbs.), as well as various pieces of process equipment, such as piping, tanks, PDC buildings, and transformers—all within a tight schedule. Many of the modules had offset centers of gravity further complicating the lift and set.


2021 Award Roundup

As we look back on 2021, Deep South is pleased to highlight the following recognitions awarded to our team.


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