Heavy Lift

The Capacity to Match the Extreme

With one of the most robust heavy lift fleets in the world, Deep South has the capacity to complete even the most complex projects. Ranked 9th in the world by International Cranes & Specialized Transport, we have a diverse group of heavy lift cranes, ranging from the 2,500T VersaCrane TC-36000 workhorse to the new 1,760T Terex CC 8800-1 crawler crane. See how Deep South can reduce project downtime with one of our heavy lift cranes by calling or emailing us today.

Our Heavy Lift Fleet Includes:

  • VersaCranes to 2,500T
  • Crawler cranes to 1,400T
  • Lattice boom and hydraulic truck cranes to 1,320T capacity


Heavy Equipment Project

Heavy Lifting in Confined Areas

In a tight spot? The brilliance of the VersaCrane fleet is its ability to maintain high capacity while fitting in confined spaces and maintaining low ground bearing pressures. Our intricate knowledge of these cranes allows us to make job-specific crane modifications based on the needs of the job. And our ability to move VersaCranes via SPMTs saves time and money. 

Deep South Crane Heavy Lift Services


Tugboat Transport Services

Scheuerles Haul 750 Ton Tugboat

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Scheuerles Haul 750 Ton Tugboat

Deep South was contracted to transport a 750-ton tugboat.

Coker Unit Lift Services

4 Drum Coker Unit

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4 Drum Coker Unit

Deep South was contracted to complete a full replacement of a four-drum coker unit.

Storage Tank Lift Services

New Orleans Coffee Plant

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New Orleans Coffee Plant

Deep South was contracted to lift and set the top 3 decks of a tugboat wheel house.

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