Capital Projects

Deep South supports owner companies as they invest in their future through capital projects. From delivering safe and reliable operations to meeting requirements of changing environmental regulations, we have the experience and expertise to optimize your strategic plan, no matter the complexity, and ensure the efficient execution.

We partner with our clients at every stage of the project:

Logistics Planning

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Surveys
  • Regulator Interactions
  • Method Selection
  • Challenge Evaluation

Site Planning

  • Safety Execution Planning
  • Access/Egress Analysis
  • Obstruction Remediation or Avoidance
  • Lifting & Setting Method Selection & Analysis
  • Handling & Staging from Transport


  • Planning & Engineering
  • Transport to Site: Rail, Marine, Roadway
  • Specialty Custom Methods & Devices
  • Erect at Site

    Deep South has a large fleet of equipment to allow the movement of vessels to wherever they need to be set, including VersaCranes™ to 3,000T, crawler cranes to 1,760T, truck cranes to 1,320T, and rigging hardware/specialty devices up to 1,600T. Deep South also has self-propelled modular transporters, over-the-road/dual-lane transport systems, towed hydraulic modular transporters, temporary bridge systems, levee crossing systems, lift towers, strand jacks, hydraulic gantries, hydraulic skid and hydraulic jacking systems, and marine and rail securement systems.

    From our experienced engineers and project managers to our skilled craftsmen, riggers, and crane operators, Deep South's diligent pursuit of safety and innovation has provided our clients a path to on-time and successful projects. We can create lift plans or PE-stamped drawings and custom solutions as needed. Leaning on this expertise, coupled with a broad array of equipment, helps us to provide the absolute best in safety, service, and solutions. Whatever the project, the team at Deep South is ready to meet your challenge.



    Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

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    Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

    Supplying all cranes in two units during a petrochemical turnaround in the Southeast, Deep South supported the change out of old components and reinstallation of new components with 19 cranes working throughout the project.

    Pressed for Time

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    Pressed for Time

    A vehicle manufacturer’s large stamping press—a massive machine used for shaping body panels—is online and operational thanks to efficient installation by Deep South. The three primary components included a 181-ton press bed (27.72’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H), 250-ton press crown (28.38’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H) and a 92-ton press slide (21’ x 10.83’ x 10.5’).

    Saddle Up: Customized Solutions Place Refinery Column with Care

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    Saddle Up: Customized Solutions Place Refinery Column with Care

    The Deep South team was tasked to receive, transport and set a 790,025-pound debutanizer. This specialized distillation column measures 174’-3” long with a 21’-3” diameter. The debutanizer was received from an ocean-going vessel at the Port of New Orleans. Once cleared through customs, the debutanizer was loaded on a barge and pushed to a roll-off site 8 hours upriver, and prepared for transport to the refinery.

    A successful job is built on precise planning and safe execution. request a quote