Pressed for Time

A vehicle manufacturer’s large stamping press—a massive machine used for shaping body panels—is online and operational thanks to efficient installation by Deep South. The three primary components included a 181-ton press bed (27.72’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H), 250-ton press crown (28.38’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H) and a 92-ton press slide (21’ x 10.83’ x 10.5’).


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Multi-Module Mission

The heavy haul transport of oil and gas refinery components is always a challenge. Transporting 17 modules, all in the span of two weeks, raised the bar. The modules varied greatly in size and weight. Two of the modules exceeded 260,000 lbs., while 11 were more than 16’ high, three were more than 19’ high, and 13 had widths greater than 18’. Initially, the customer had trouble finding a company to move the modules to their site in Texas.


Saddle Up: Customized Solutions Place Refinery Column with Care

The Deep South team was tasked to receive, transport and set a 790,025-pound debutanizer. This specialized distillation column measures 174’-3” long with a 21’-3” diameter. The debutanizer was received from an ocean-going vessel at the Port of New Orleans. Once cleared through customs, the debutanizer was loaded on a barge and pushed to a roll-off site 8 hours upriver, and prepared for transport to the refinery.


2023 Safety Award Round Up

As we look back on 2023, Deep South is pleased to highlight the following recognitions awarded to our team:


Our Customers’ Purpose-Driven Partner

Deep South was started in 1968 with a passion for the heavy-lift and heavy-haul industry and a relentless drive to be the best of the best.


Safety Source : The Fire Tetrahedron

The captivating nature of fire has fascinated humanity for generations, and behind its beauty lies the scientific principle of the fire tetrahedron. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the leading authority on the fire tetrahedron and offers an in-depth explanation on its website. We've condensed the key insights from the NFPA about the fire tetrahedron for your reference.


Customized Heavy Lift Solution Safely Delivers Regenerator

Limited space, low ground bearing pressure and a cumbersome heat exchanger combined to create some unique challenges for the Deep South team in California. The customer needed to lift a 35’-diameter x 70’-long regenerator head with cyclones, weighing 775,000 pounds in a tight, geologically compromised area.


Specialized Transport Solutions Keep Drum Delivery On Track

Chemical drums are massive storage systems, both in size and weight, that are used by manufacturers. Transporting them from fabrication to facility requires considerable planning and care. Consider the 151,338-pound chemical drum that was manufactured for a petrochemical company in Texas. The drum measured 36’11” x 18’2” x 20’8” and needed to be moved 50+ miles from North Houston to Baytown along major roads.


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