With an over 50-year history working in the heavy industrial industry, Deep South is uniquely positioned to provide safe and timely crane support. Our goal is to create multi-year partnerships where Deep South can showcase its industry leading experience and customer service to provide maintained and operated equipment when our clients need it most.

Deep South has performed thousands of successful day-to-day maintenance tasks and offers multi-site pricing and agreements for maintenance contracts.

  • We offer both maintained and operated cranes and bare rentals on an as-needed basis.
  • We have a large fleet of rough terrain cranes to accomplish this routine maintenance.
  • Our skilled truck drivers can shift equipment as needed and perform any in-plant trucking.
  • We often aid in advanced turnaround planning and day-to-day lift planning services.
  • We have highly-skilled and trained union labor.
  • We are familiar with and often work in the TRACK system.

    Maintenance Equipment Highlight:

    Tadano GR-1600XL is a maintenance game changer. It has 200’ of main boom and 59’ of jib while maintaining more capacity than a 150-ton truck crane. Its overall low height navigates common low clearances in industrial facilities.

    Deep South has a large fleet of equipment to allow the movement of vessels to wherever they need to be set, including VersaCranes™ to 3,000T, crawler cranes to 1,760T, truck cranes to 1,320T, and rigging hardware/specialty devices up to 1,600T. Deep South also has self-propelled modular transporters, over-the-road/dual-lane transport systems, towed hydraulic modular transporters, temporary bridge systems, levee crossing systems, lift towers, strand jacks, hydraulic gantries, hydraulic skid and hydraulic jacking systems, and marine and rail securement systems.

    From our experienced engineers and project managers to our skilled craftsmen, riggers, and crane operators, Deep South's diligent pursuit of safety and innovation has provided our clients a path to on-time and successful projects. We can create lift plans or PE-stamped drawings and custom solutions as needed. Leaning on this expertise, coupled with a broad array of equipment, helps us to provide the absolute best in safety, service, and solutions. Whatever the project, the team at Deep South is ready to meet your challenge.

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    Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

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    Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

    Supplying all cranes in two units during a petrochemical turnaround in the Southeast, Deep South supported the change out of old components and reinstallation of new components with 19 cranes working throughout the project.

    Many Lifts, One Solution: Modular Lift System Flexes Hydraulic Muscles During Process Plant Overhaul

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    Many Lifts, One Solution: Modular Lift System Flexes Hydraulic Muscles During Process Plant Overhaul

    Deep South crews were challenged to haul, lift, and set 84 modules, including three towers (one measuring 100’ long, 350,000 lbs.) as well as various pieces of process equipment, such as piping, tanks, PDC buildings, and transformers—all within a tight schedule. Many of the modules had offset centers of gravity further complicating the lift and set.

    Facilitating a Refinery Column Placement in Tight Confines

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    Facilitating a Refinery Column Placement in Tight Confines

    Transporting, placing, and lifting a refinery column—one that is comparable to the height and weight of the Statue of Liberty—is a familiar challenge for heavy lift, heavy haul experts like Deep South. Maneuvering it around existing racks and systems adds another layer of complexity.

    A successful job is built on precise planning and safe execution. request a quote