People are our most valuable asset, and their safety takes precedence over everything. Our workplace safety program is one of the industry's best, with continuous training and education that ensures our team members are qualified to operate their designated equipment ultimately keeping safety at the forefront of everything they do.

Our safety department carved out a safety “road map” to help define our safety journey many years ago. This master safety plan starts at the top with safety-focused management and is carried through the organization by means of written standards, excellent planning, thorough training, and clear communication.

We believe that this master safety plan is our roadmap to continued safety excellence.

Safety Standards

Written Safety Standards that provide the framework for our safety program.

Safety Training

Training to ensure that each employee has the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of the task at hand.

Safety Audits

Safety Audits to identify and correct any deficiencies, but also to recognize excellence at the worksite.

Equipment Integrity

Equipment Integrity to ensure that our equipment is maintained in excellent operating condition.

Job Safety Analysis

JSAs as tools to plan and communicate tasks within the work crew.

Safety Meetings

Safety Meetings to communicate and collect information related to safe work, policies, and procedures.

Incident Management

Incident Management to determine root causes of incidents and apply learnings from them company-wide.

Safety Shares

Safety Shares to communicate information from within our company and from our industry counterparts.

Our Vision

Safety focus, and awareness, guided by our management and maintained by our trained and qualified employees, are the keys to completing each project without incident. The safety of our people is of the utmost importance and we can avoid incidents and accidents by following our safe work practices and procedures. Our company complies with appropriate safety and security laws and regulations, including those established by OSHA, EPA, DOT, and state and local agencies.

Employee training

Employee training is fundamental to our safety focus. Deep South ensures that our employees are trained and qualified for the tasks they are assigned. Training includes both task-specific and safety training, done in classroom-style meetings, via computer-based platforms, and in on-the-job settings. Employees are only considered qualified for their work after they have successfully passed both a written and hands-on (practical) assessment.

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