Renewable Energy

The U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects electricity generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar to surpass nuclear and coal by 2021 and to surpass natural gas by 2045. As the United States works toward reducing its carbon footprint, Deep South stands ready to use its 55 years of expertise as a leader in the heavy lift and heavy haul industry to aid in the successful installation and maintenance of these projects.

The award-winning team at Deep South understand that these renewable projects take ingenuity as they increase in complexity, with components becoming larger and more modularized.


Support for Offshore Wind

One of the unique challenges in the nascent United States offshore wind industry is complying with the Jones Act. The Jones Act requires the transportation of people, merchandise, and industrial activities within United States territorial waters be built, flagged, owned, and operated by United States citizens or permanent residents. Deep South has the heavy haul SPMTs and cranes to provide turnkey solutions for all offshore wind components imported from overseas where we can offload, stage, and reload components onto a Jones Act-compliant vessel from any port location.

In the future, floating turbines will become more prevalent in the United States Deep South has the large capacity cranes and experienced crane operators to assist with any assembly operations needed. Deep South will provide port side turbine assembly as the technology is commercialized.


We are proud to be a heavy lift and heavy haul contractor with the comprehensive services and depth of experience to be your go-to partner for projects of every size. With crane capacities to 3,000T and one of the largest fleets of SPMTs in the U.S., Deep South is uniquely positioned to provide turnkey services to this emerging industry.

We have a large fleet of equipment including VersaCranes™ to 3,000T, crawler cranes to 1,760T, truck cranes to 1,320T, and rigging hardware/specialty devices up to 1,600T. Deep South also has self-propelled modular transporters, over-the-road/dual-lane transport systems, towed hydraulic modular transporters, temporary bridge systems, levee crossing systems, lift towers, strand jacks, hydraulic gantries, hydraulic skid and hydraulic jacking systems, and marine and rail securement systems.


When traditional solutions are not enough, Deep South can take an engineered approach to solving project challenges. Project solutions are created by a team of certified professional engineers and experienced craftsmen who partner to design, fabricate, and test virtually anything required for a project.

  • Our fabrication facilities total nearly 100,000 square feet.
  • The facilities are equipped with the tools needed such as a state-of-the-art robot welder, CNC tables, lathes, boring machines, radial drilling machines, cutting tables, saws, and multi-process welders.
  • 24-hour crews are available.


An Award-Winning Safety Program

Clients immediately recognize the professionalism and award-winning safety-first culture at Deep South Crane & Rigging.

We know that people are our most valuable asset and we place their safety as our first priority. That’s why our workplace safety program is one of the industry's best, with continuous training and education to ensure that every team member is fully prepared to complete every task with safety at the forefront — from simple office procedures to operating equipment, rigging, lifting and moving.


A sample of recent awards include:

  • Houston Business Roundtable 2021 Best in Class Safety Excellence Award
  • Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance 2020 Workforce Development Best of Division I Award
  • Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance 2020 Contractor Safety Excellence Award
  • LWCC 2020 Safest 70
  • Southwest Safety Council 2020 Contractor Safety Award – Gold


Facilitating a Refinery Column Placement in Tight Confines

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Facilitating a Refinery Column Placement in Tight Confines

Transporting, placing, and lifting a refinery column — one that is comparable to the height and weight of the Statue of Liberty — is a familiar challenge for heavy lift, heavy haul experts like Deep South. Maneuvering it around existing racks and systems adds another layer of complexity.

Haul & Lift of Refinery Combination Tower Goes Off Without a Hitch

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Haul & Lift of Refinery Combination Tower Goes Off Without a Hitch

Load, haul, roll and set — seemingly simple words unless associated with a 555,000-pound, 160-foot long, 18-foot wide, over 19-foot tall refinery combination tower.

Transporters and Cranes Facilitate Processing Plant Upgrade

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Transporters and Cranes Facilitate Processing Plant Upgrade

The movement and replacement of process plant components are a familiar site in in the Texas Gulf Coast region—though not often to the scale and timeline faced by one EPC contractor. Per the client, the contractor was tasked with the haul and lift of two trains of fractionation tower components (debutanizer, depropanizer, splitter and deethanizer) over the course of nine months.

A successful job is built on precise planning and safe execution. request a quote