Tight Tailswing, Turnkey Solution

In the Southeast, Deep South performed a complex turnkey project that required equipment modification and careful planning.

To begin, Deep South received a reactor from the ship of origin and transported it via barge to a petrochemical facility up river. Using Goldhofer SPMTs, Deep South off-loaded the vessel from the barge and negotiated very tight turns and low pipe racks with minimum clearance to get it to the final off-loading location. Five-hundred-ton gantries were used to off-load to temporary supports.

Deep South modified the 1,500-ton VersaCrane TC-24000 specifically for this project to accommodate a very tight tail swing requirement. The vessel weighed 420,000 pounds, measured 100’ long and was lifted using 200’ of boom at a 95’ radius. Scheuerle SPMTs were used with the tailing frame to tail the load due to space constraints.

Deep South Crane & Rigging for turnkey projects
Deep South Crane & Rigging for turnkey projects

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