Hydraulic gantries

Hydraulic gantries are a game changer when it comes to lifting. Being able to lift and position heavy loads where traditional cranes will not fit while remaining mobile is their specialty.

Deep South's gantries are designed with a wider base to improve stability. They can be positioned under, over, around, or adjacent to the load in order to fit the job. The long reach hydraulic cylinders, beams, and tracks combine to form a balanced system that allows safe load raising, lowering, and traversing.

800-ton GANTRY

Fully-extended height of 48'-0"; fully-retracted height of 23'-8"; 8'-wide base

700-ton GANTRY

Self-propelled; fully-extended height of 39'-6"; fully-retracted height of 13'-10"; 5'-wide base

500-ton GANTRY (34pt5400ws)

Fully-extended height of 30'-2"; fully-retracted height of 10'-2; 4'-wide base

500-ton GANTRY (24PT500LT)

Fully-extended height of 27'-6"; fully-retracted height of 11'-6"; 4'-wide base

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    up to 800T

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