Tailing Frames

Tailing frames provide several advantages when restricted space or ground pressures are an issue. In certain situations, they can create cost-savings for clients by eliminating the need for additional equipment.

How it works: when uprighting a vessel, the tail frame is attached to the vessel, which is aligned to the base frame and secured onto a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT). As the SPMT drives forward and the crane cables up, the vessel uprights. Once vertical, the frame unbolts from the vessel skirt and the vessel is lifted into final position.


  • Utilizes on-site equipment
  • Minimizes mobilization costs
  • Decreases site preparation as matting is often not required
  • Allows for additional dress-out while horizontal (rigging fouling is not an issue)
  • Can be modified to fit a variety of vessel sizes
  • Type


  • Rating

    Various Sizes Up To 800T

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