No ordinary crane, the VersaCrane™ has a patented compact design that allows it to perform in crowded and congested areas, and to travel easily and economically. Multiple configurations provide this crane the versatility and strength required to meet almost any challenge and complete tasks that normally require multiple cranes to execute safely. Its technological design provides it the lowest ground-bearing pressure in the industry.

Every piece of structural steel used to build our VersaCrane™ line is stamped with a serial number, so each piece can be fully traced from the mill, through welding and inspection procedures, all the way to completed component. Each VersaCrane™ is tested in strict accordance with the following codes: J987 & J765 SAE and B30.5 ASME. A nationally accredited independent testing firm performs all tests. To further ensure safety, our VersaCranes™ are operated by highly skilled employees specially trained in the operation of this specialized machinery. Call or email us today to see what this marvel of the heavy lift industry can do for you.


The VersaCrane™ Line

We have a complete line of cranes from 750T to 3,000T. Take a look at our VersaCrane™ line.

3000T VersaCrane™ TC-36000/S2
2500T VersaCrane™ TC-36000/S1
1800T VersaCrane™ TC-28000
1500T VersaCrane™ TC-24000
1000T VersaCrane™ TC-12000
1000T VersaCrane™ CC-12000
750T VersaCrane™ CC-9600

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Deep South Crane

Dismantling and Relocating A Petrochemical Facility

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Dismantling and Relocating A Petrochemical Facility

Deep South was contracted to dismantle and relocate 9 vessels from a petrochemical plant using a combination of barging, heavy transport, and heavy lift services.

Deep South Crane Rigging Services

Coker Derrick Structure Installation

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Coker Derrick Structure Installation

Deep South hoisted and set the four sections of the coker derrick structure, the heaviest of which weighed 256 tons, and two 450-ton coke drums at a Midwest Refinery using our 2,500-ton VersaCrane TC-36000 and our 275-ton Demag CC-1400.


Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

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Southeast Petrochemical Turnaround

Supplying all cranes in two units during a petrochemical turnaround in the Southeast, Deep South supported the change out of old components and reinstallation of new components with 19 cranes working throughout the project.

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