Dismantling and Relocating A Petrochemical Facility

This project included two separate scopes of work. Deep South was originally contracted to dismantle and relocate 9 vessels from a petrochemical plant. The vessels were barged, rolled off, and staged at their new location.

Deep South returned a year later to transport and set the vessels at their final location in the Southwest. The vessels ranged in weight from 82,000 pounds to 1,100,000 pounds. Using 36 lines of Scheuerle SPMTs, the vessels were transported to the crane hook for lifting into final position.

Pictured here is the largest vessel weighing 1,100,000 pounds, being lifted by the 1,800-ton VersaCrane TC-28000 and the 440-ton Terex-Demag CC-2400-1 as the tail crane.

Deep South Employees
Deep South Crane Heavy Equipment
Deep South Crane Heavy Haul

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