3,000T VersaCrane™ TC-36000 Series 2

The VersaCrane™ line stands tall as a true technological marvel in the crane and rigging world. It was designed specifically to work in petrochemical facilities and other areas with restricted space.


Deep South’s new, powerful 3,000-ton VersaCrane™ TC-36000 Series 2 is one of the largest pedestal cranes in the world. The Series 2 configuration uses a ring system for the counterweight tray movement, keeping the ground bearing pressures acceptable for most project sites. Its 240' mast can be positioned at a 95’ radius in the Series 2 configuration; an optional additional back mast radius can be configured as Series 1. The maximum main boom is 470'. An additional jib can be added to increase tip height. When in its maximum lifting configuration, the TC-36000/S2 uses up to 6,000 Kips of super-weight counterweight. Depending on project needs, this crane can also be configured as Series 1.


  • Industry leading ground bearing pressures: These cranes can maintain high capacity while fitting in confined spaces and providing industry-leading low ground bearing pressures. VersaCranes™ use steel distribution beams to spread outrigger loads over a greater area. In most cases, this allows VersaCranes™ to maintain a ground bearing pressure below 2,500 PSF.
  • Performs well in confined areas: These cranes work efficiently in confined areas. The VersaCrane™ line has a unique ability to safely build over pipe racks and other obstacles. The hinge counterweight system gives the crane more capacity without substantially increasing the tail swing radius. The counterweights act as a second main counterweight tray, allowing the crane, once at an appropriate radius, to disconnect the super-lift counterweights and swing the minimum tail swing radius without losing load capacity.
  • Can be transported via SPMT: Using Deep South's years of heavy transportation experience, the VersaCrane™ line can be relocated using SPMTs, saving time and money on mobilization costs.
  • Can be customized for your project: Our intricate knowledge of these cranes allows us to make job-specific crane modifications based on the needs of the job. This allows Deep South to reduce tail swing radii or create new configurations based on the specific needs of your job site.

All VersaCrane™ components are engineered and manufactured at our Baton Rouge facility by a team of certified engineers and experienced craftsman.

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