Grove/Broderson AP308/Carry Deck

Our selection of 8T Carry Deck cranes offer compact dimensions and are designed for jobs in tight spaces. These cranes are a great option for in-plant lifting and material handling. *Please inquire about our bare rental availability for these cranes.

  • Maximum Boom Length: 24 ft
  • Maximum Jib Length: 15 ft
  • Maximum Tip Height: 44 ft
  • Axles: 2
  • Manufacturer


  • Type

    Rough-Terrain Cranes

  • Rating

    2.5T - 8T

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Tailing Over a Live Pipe Rack Emphasizes Complex Project

From a tricky bridge crossing to a complex coordinated lift, Deep South facilitated the delivery and setting of components for a petrochemical facility acid modification and upgrade project in Louisiana. The key components included a 627,000-pound acid settler, 689,000-pound first stage reactor, acid storage drums and associated parts.

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