15-Month Turnkey Transport and Erection Project at a Western Iowa Plant

Deep South Crane and Rigging was contracted to provide turnkey transportation and field erection services as part of a grassroots fertilizer project at a plant in Western Iowa.

Using Goldhofer E-Series and Scheuerle SPMT hydraulic transporters, Deep South offloaded over 80 pieces of equipment from barges. These pieces were transported and staged as a part of the overall project.

Deep South’s 1,000-ton VersaCrane CC-12000 was utilized as the primary lift crane for this project. It was supported by the 660-ton Liebherr LR1600/2. One of the larger lifts featured the transport and erection of a 164’ tall x 17’ diameter absorber vessel. The total weight of this lift was 522 tons. Another on-site transport and erection featured a 158’ tall x 20’ diameter flash vessel that weighed 460 tons.

Over this 15-month period more than 150 pieces of plant equipment were successfully transported and erected.

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