Pressed for Time

A vehicle manufacturer’s large stamping press—a massive machine used for shaping body panels—is online and operational thanks to efficient installation by Deep South.

The three primary components included a 181-ton press bed (27.72’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H), 250-ton press crown (28.38’ L x 16.4’ W x 13.12’ H) and a 92-ton press slide (21’ x 10.83’ x 10.5’). Once onsite, several 500-ton gantries were used outside to unload the components.

Then, each piece was moved inside the facility with SPMTs and prepped to be lifted and stacked by 700-ton gantries.

The biggest challenge in the effort was safely walking the suspended press crown 200’ over the bed. The 700-ton gantries were stroked out at 39’ for the move, which gave the Deep South team just a 3” clearance to clear the uprights. Each component required about six hours to load, lift and install.

In just four weeks, crews loaded, transported, lifted, and set the press components.

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