Four-Drum Coker Unit Replacement: Over 860 Tons Transported, Lifted, and Set

Deep South was contracted to complete a full replacement of a four-drum coker unit in the southeast United States. After receiving four coke drums, each weighing 215 tons, Deep South hauled them by barge from the Port of Beaumont to the site. With 24 lines of Scheuerle transporters, the drums were rolled off of the barges and hauled to the refinery.

Using the 1,800 ton VersaCrane TC-28000, the four drums and two 200-ton derricks were then set. The rigging and rigging engineering for these lifts were are also provided by Deep South.

Refinery Coker Lift
Coker Drum Lift
Refinery Coker Lift
coker drum transport
coker drum heavy transport
coker drum heavy haul
petrochemical coker drum lift

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