Creative Thinking Keeps Transport Costs Low and Delivery Quick

As part of a natural gas fractionation project, an EPC contractor needed to transport two large drums to the customer’s facility.

In the past, these drums have been moved via barge and road, a costly, complex process. Competitors proposed that the drums had to be barged and then transported to the site to avoid power lines and infrastructure, also requiring the closure of a major highway.

The hot oil drum (59’8”L x 17’6”W x 23’3”H) weighs 186,400 pounds and the suction KO drum (53’8”L x 21’W x 21’ H) weighs 222,034 pounds.

In particular, the 23’3” drum height posed challenges for complete over-the-road transport. A Goldhofer dual lane drop-deck would help the Deep South team reduce costs and time of the transport.

Travel Techniques

The customer also needed assistance lifting and loading the drums onto our trailers. Deep South chose the most efficient method for this by utilizing a 500-ton gantry system.

The team looked to its Goldhofer transporter with Goldhofer Drop Deck systems for a 100% road solution. The drop deck configuration reduced the height of the drums overall transport height below the 24’ needed to travel under the overhead road sign located along the route.

An 8-axle-line Dual Goldhofer with Goldhofer Dual Lane Drop Deck was used for the hot oil drum and the 12-axle-line Goldhofer with Goldhofer Drop Deck for the KO drum.

Throughout the 43 mile move, the transport team relied on utility, power, and third party bucket trucks, along with police and Union Pacific Railroad crews to ensure safe right-of-way of both drums traveling and delivering in one night.

Cost Effective and Safe

The road-only transport method saved the customer at least $250,000 and was delivered on time and under budget.

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