Scheuerle Highway Trailers Key To Deep South Crane Heavy Haul

Deep South Crane & Rigging hauled two manifold skids from Zachary, Louisiana to the Botsco Terminal in Laporte, Texas using Scheuerle highway trailers. This equipment allowed Deep South to expedite permitting to 1 week’s time.

Skid 1, shown in the video, weighed 150,000 pounds and measured 74’-11” long, 18’ 9.5” wide, and 15’ 2.5” tall.

Skid 2 weighed 80,000 pounds and measured 73.5’ long, 13’ 2.5” tall, and 13’ 2.5” tall.

Scheuerle highway trailers have the proper axle spacing to meet or exceed most state permitting requirements, which give our customers flexibility in hauling heavy loads. These state of the art trailers are double telescopic trailers and can extend out to 100’ level deck behind the gooseneck as needed. Their hydraulic suspension allows for self loading and unloading and the ability to maneuver on uneven ground.

  • Equipment Used

    • Scheuerle-Highway Extends to 100'
  • Services Used

  • By the Numbers

    • Skid 1: 150,000 pounds; 74’-11” long, 18’ 9.5” wide, and 15’ 2.5” tall
    • Skid 2: 80,000 pounds; 73.5’ long, 13’ 2.5” tall, and 13’ 2.5” tall
Deep South Crane & Rigging Heavy Haul for Trade Construction

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