Chemical Reactor Transport

124-line SPMT Chemical Reactor Transport

By the Numbers

  • Reactor 1: 162’ long; 35’5” wide; travel height 37’11”; 1.8 million pounds
  • Reactor 2: 146’ long; 31’4” wide; travel height 36’; 1.3 million pounds
  • Purge Bin: 184’ long; 41'-11” wide; travel height 48’; 1 million pounds

In the Southwest, Deep South received three vessels from a heavy lift ship at the Port of Houston, barged the vessels, and transported them to final staging using a total of 124-axle lines Scheuerle SPMT. The heaviest vessel weighed 1,800,000 pounds and the total gross weight at transport for that vessel was 2,300,000 pounds.

No roll-off site was available, so Deep South identified a potential roll-off location, executed a lease agreement, cleared the land of trees, brought in dirt and compacted the area, and added a temporary dock using matting and steel ramps.

The barging was performed in two conveyances using three barges and three tugs.

Chemical Reactor Transport

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