Equipment Spotlight: 52-ton Scheuerle Split Trailers

When dimensional restrictions along a route limit the transportation of oversized cargo, Deep South's 52-ton Scheuerle SPMT-SL (Split) Trailers can reduce the overall transport height while minimizing transport width. This system, when combined with our in-house fabrication capabilities, can reduce transport heights to within inches of the total load height.

The SPMT-SL Trailer System is fully customizable and can be combined with standard Scheuerle SPMTs for specialty trailer configurations including 3-file (1.5 wide).

When used with our Telescopic Widening System, the SPMT-SL trailers can increase transport stability on high center of gravity loads, without the need for additional axle lines.

Features and Specifications:

  • Twenty-four (24) axle lines
  • 52T per axle line load rating (104,000 pounds)
  • 4-line and 6-line modules
  • Complete with widening system to allow larger loads and higher tilting stability
  • Fully customizable for complex transport configurations

The trailers are highlighted in Deep South's recent project highlight video, which can be found here.

SPMT transport ramp setup
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