Ramp up Efficiency with Specialized Equipment

Specialized Fabrication Capabilities

Deep South has a large inventory of specialized equipment to solve the complex challenges presented in today’s heavy construction projects. This video will walk you through our steel distribution systems, moment connection bridge ramps, temporary bridge systems, bolsters, and barge ramps, all of which will bring additional strength, efficiency, and safety to your project.


Deep South's steel track mats are sized for cranes from 100T - 1,600T. These mats are over 2x stronger than a standard wooden mat in bending and feature integrated forklift pockets and recessed lift rings. They also offer reduced freight costs as one mat does the work of two in many situations.

Sizes include: 20' x 4', 25' x 4', 25' x 8', 30' x 8', 35' x 4'


Deep South's temporary bridge systems offer temporary site access and industry-leading strength as they are designed for the rigors of heavy transport use.

Sizes include: 130', 100', 80', 60', 50', 40', 30' & 20' in widths up to 32'. The 100' and 80' bridges can be deployed without the use of assist cranes.


Deep South's moment connection bridge ramps offer pin connection for easy assembly. They are designed to mitigate low ground bearing pressure areas and can be used in conjunction with steel track mats for extremely low ground bearing pressure areas.

Sizes include: 40' x 6', 50' x 6', & 60' x 6', each offering increased load distribution for crawler cranes.


Deep South's rocking bolsters are designed to mitigate tight turns and inclines on transport routes. They feature large bases for increased distribution to the trailer deck. Flat bolsters are also available for low clearance situations.

Sizes include: 100T, 200T, 300T, 500T, 600T & 1,000T


Deep South's barge ramps are designed with T-plates and wedges for easy transitions.

Sizes include: 30' & 40' in widths up to 42'

Safety Starts With Planning - A Glimpse Into Our Roadmap to Safety

Looking through the lens of a 315,969-pound critical lift using the 1,000-ton VersaCrane CC-12000, Deep South highlights the importance of proper planning, good communication, and forming a partnership with clients to ensure safety on a jobsite.


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