Safety Source: Don’t Fuel the Fire by The American Burn Association

Burn Awareness Week, promoted by The American Burn Association, will be hosted February 7-13, 2021 as an opportunity for organizations “to mobilize burn, fire and life safety educators to unite in sharing a common burn awareness and prevention message in our communities.” The 2021 theme is Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z).

Deep South joins the ABA by highlighting their Don’t Fuel The Fire Gasoline campaign (click for downloadable PDF).

  • Flammable liquid fires result in an estimated 454 civilian deaths, 3,910 injuries, and $1.5 billion in direct property damage per year (NFPA 2014).
  • Gasoline is an extremely flammable liquid and vapor ‐ the fumes are capable of ignition up to 12 feet from a pooled source.

If a burn injury does happen:

  • Cool the burn with COOL (not cold) water to stop the burning process
  • Remove all clothing from the injured area
  • Cover the area with a clean, dry sheet or bandage
  • Seek medical attention

The DOs and DON'Ts of Working With or Around Gasoline

  • Use gasoline outdoors only, and store in cool, well‐ ventilated areas
  • Start charcoal grills only with fluid labeled as “charcoal starter fluid”
  • Keep gasoline locked up, and out of the reach of children
  • Use containers that have been listed, labeled or approved for gasoline
  • Fill gas‐powered equipment when engines are cool
  • Siphon gasoline by mouth
  • Use gasoline near a flame source such as burning leaves or brush
  • Induce vomiting if gasoline is swallowed
  • Use gasoline as a cleaning fluid or solvent
  • Store gasoline in the house
  • Dispense gasoline into a portable container while it is located inside the vehicle or pickup truck bed

The ABA provides other helpful resources on their website under Prevention.

Sources: The American Burn Association


Our industry takes pride in advancing safety in all aspects of life. Deep South Crane & Rigging, LLC's marketing team has prepared this content with the intent that it be shared as potential safety topics used to start meetings industry-wide. We have used internet resources that are sourced via links throughout the article. We do not claim to be an expert on this topic.

Deep South Wins GBRIA's 2020 Craft Workforce Development and Safety Excellence Awards

The Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GBRIA) recently honored Deep South Crane & Rigging with their 2020 Craft Workforce Development Best of Division I Award and their 2020 Safety Excellence Award for Division II.


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Deep South Crane & Rigging, LLC, is pleased to announce, for the third consecutive year, its acceptance of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s (SC&RA) Crane & Rigging Group Safety Award and its inclusion in the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) Safest 70 award program. Ten Deep South crane operators were honored with SC&RA Crane Operator Safety Award, which is presented to crane operators who exhibit exemplary work achievements while accumulating 10,000 consecutive man hours and recording zero accidents and incidents.


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