Tadano Demag CC-2800-1

When needing crane capacity with a smaller foot print, the Tadano Demag CC2800-1 fits the bill. The 591 foot tip height paired with 660T of capacity makes this crane a great option for a variety of projects. In addition, this crane features outstanding lifting capacties across all operating ranges.

  • Maximum Boom Length: 453 ft
  • Maximum Jib Length: 315 ft
  • Maximum Tip Height: 591 ft
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    Crawler Cranes

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Heavy Lift Equipment for Power Plants

200 Lifts at Michigan Power Plant

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200 Lifts at Michigan Power Plant

At a Michigan power plant, Deep South utilized a 660-ton Demag CC-2800 to complete 200 lifts over an 8 month duration.

660 Ton Heavy Lift Crane

Lifting the Dome

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Lifting the Dome

Using the 660-ton Demag CC-2800-1, Deep South successfully set this 244’ in diameter geodesic dome weighing approximately 145,000 pounds.

Steel Mill Lock Hopper Changeout

Demag CC-2800 Completes Lock Hopper Changeout

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Demag CC-2800 Completes Lock Hopper Changeout

Overlooking Lake Michigan, Deep South assisted in a steel mill lock hopper changeout using the 660-ton Demag CC-2800 with 138' of main boom and 157' of luffing jib with super lift attachment.

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