Bridge Span Move and Lift Set Pace for New Bridge Completion

In support of a major bridge construction project in the Midwest, Deep South crews helped transport and install eight bridge spans from an off-site staging area to the bridge foundation. The heaviest of the eight spans was 820,000 pounds and measured 143’ long, 13’ wide, and 10’ high and total transport weight was 1,020,000 pounds.

Hydraulic Emphasis

The job was completed in two phases using two different trailer configurations to accommodate complicated areas along the route.

In addition, Deep South designed and provided support equipment between the hydraulic transporter and bridge beams to allow for transport and installation at the proper height. This allowed Deep South to install each span using only the hydraulics of the transporters, thus eliminating the need for additional jacking equipment.

Trailer configurations included two 6-axle-line Scheuerle SPMTs with 200-ton bolsters to support span ends and one 16-axle-line Scheuerle SPMT-SL (Split) trailers with static cribbing supporting the span’s center.

This first phase included the first four of the eight bridge spans. Pictured is the heaviest span of the first phase, weighing 601,000 pounds and measuring 143' long, 13' wide, and 10' high. This phase was completed in 2019.

Bolstered for Maneuverability

The second phase was completed in 2020. Four bridge spans — the largest of which was 820,000 pounds and measured 143’ long, 13’ wide, and 10’ high — were staged for self-loading with help from Deep South’s engineering expertise. Three of the spans were transported and set utilizing the split-single-wide 16-axle-line SPMT. Due to the bridge design, the fourth span required bolsters for additional maneuverability during installation.

For span four, Deep South utilized two SPMTs (a 10-axle-line and an 8-axle-line) to transport and set. Once ready for transport, the SPMT was moved into position under the bridge spans. Using the SPMT’s hydraulics, the spans were lifted and transported 1/8 of a mile to the final set location. Using the SPMT hydraulics, which eliminated the need for additional jacking equipment, the bridge spans were lifted on to the 11’ high piers.

The total transport weight was 1,020,000 pounds.

Bridge Span Transportation
Bridge Span Transportation

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