Module Lifting System

Deep South’s new module lifting system is a valuable tool when you need to accommodate varying centers of gravity when lifting multiple objects.

Maximum Capacity: 100 Tons

This system allows you to lift and set multiple objects of different widths, lengths and centers of gravity with the same rigging, saving time and money on your project. With traditional rigging, you typically need to change the inserts and slings to accommodate variances between objects to be lifted.

The system is multi-tiered and composed of six (6) adjustable hydraulic cylinders, one (1) hydraulically variable modular bar in the transverse direction, and two (2) multi-holed modular bars in the longitudinal direction.

  • It is remotely operated, allowing the operator to level the load during lifting.
  • It is easily transported and configured by a qualified operator.

Top Hydraulically Variable Modular Bar

  • System widths can be changed hydraulically to accommodate variations in load widths between lifts. There is no need to lower rigging system to the ground.
  • Two 75T hydraulic lift cylinders are utilized to level loads in the transverse direction with 4’-0” of adjustment available.

Lower Multi-holed Modular Bars

  • Utilized as a pair, the lower modular bars are multi-holed, allowing for variations in lifting lug locations.
  • Each lower modular bar utilizes two 55T hydraulic lift cylinders to level loads in the longitudinal direction with 6’-0” of adjustment available.

The 100-ton Module Lift System is surprisingly light weight, coming in at roughly 55,000 lbs, as compared to conventional lifting methods which can weigh in excess of 80,000 lbs – 100,000 lbs.

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