Safety Source: Parking Lot Safety

It’s important to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings.  In even the most familiar or seemingly harmless area, the potential for danger and accidents can be anywhere.  Parking lots, whether at your office, your favorite store, or outside of a stadium all offer the possibility of accidents.  However with a few helpful tips and best practices, making your way to and from your car can be a safe and pleasant.


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Kerry Hulse: Legacy Member of Grassroots Crane Safety Certification Program Looks Back

Kerry Hulse, vice president of Deep South Crane & Rigging, has dedicated much of his career to improving safety across the crane and rigging industry. In fact, he is one of the founders and guiding leaders of the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), an organization that has certified over 100,000 crane operators


Flare Stack Lift

Deep South Crane and Rigging was contracted for a heavy lift project in Norco, Louisiana.  The scope of work required for this lift included lifting two sections of a flare stack and the flare tip.  To perform these three lifts totaling nearly 300’, Deep South used the 1,320-ton Demag AC-1000 and the 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1400-71, which served as the tail crane.  


Caustic & Prefrac Tower Lift Project

Deep South Crane and Rigging was recently contracted by a southeast petrochemical plant as part of a major pre-turnaround project.  In order to de-bottleneck ethylene production, Deep South erected a caustic tower and a prefrac tower.  With dozens of different contractors and over 700 workers, a confined and congested work area posed the greatest challenge.


Safety Source: Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter, whether it be long and frigid, or fleeting and balmy, can pose a number of different challenges when it comes to driving.  Even a brief cold snap can take a toll on your vehicle and the roads.  Dead batteries, underinflated tires, damaged streets, and slick surfaces can all make this time of the year a treacherous one behind the wheel.  However paying a little extra attention to some important details can set you up for a safe commute.  


Deep South to Exhibit at the 2016 Petrochemical Engineering & Construction Conference June 7th & 8th - Booth #37

Are you attending the Petrochemical Engineering and Construction Conference in New Orleans, LA, June 7th and 8th? If so, please visit us at booth #37. 


Deep South Wins Prestigious "Best of the Best" Safety Award

Deep South Crane & Rigging won the 2016 Houston Business Roundtable ˜Best of the Best" Contractor Safety Excellence Award in the Crane & Rigging Support category, recognizing its exemplary safety performance and model safety program.


Deep South Earns Top Workplace Safety Honors

Deep South Crane & Rigging was recognized as one of Austin-based Texas Mutual Insurance Company's top workplace safety companies for 2016.  According to the policyholder-owned company, Deep South demonstrated commitment to workplace safety through an exemplary safety progra


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